The gradual transition to a raw food diet.

The duration of the transitional period depends on point you started. If you eat everything – then you need start the gradual transition, like to veganism. I will only briefly list the major milestones (each step takes from several weeks to several months – depending on your state of health):

Reduce the amount of meat (up to 2-3 times a day), without increasing the number of dairy products.
Completely abandon the milk and milk products.
Gradually reduce the amount of meat in the menu including a lot of fresh vegetables, and taking measures to cleanse the body.
Completely abstain from meat.
Abstain from eggs.
Reduce the consumption of fish and completely abstain from the tuna.

Completely abstain from the fish.
After the transition to veganism is easier to switch to a raw food diet. That\’s from what to begin:Gradually increase the share of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Primarily, abstain from the cooked sauces (add to salad any vegetable oil, cold pressed).
Read labels – “outside the law” all products, which contain harmful food additives (preservatives, flavors, dyes, thickeners, sweeteners, emulsifiers, etc.).

Throw in the trash all the sugary drinks (if you haven\’t done this before). Dietary – even more so.
Gradually reduce not only the amount of processed food, but also the duration of the thermal processing of food.
At the last step you should during the period of one month to abstain from the fruits and nuts (this is a necessary measure to renew the micro flora).