Raw food diet: the pros and cons.

Some people who want to lose weight or overcome the disease, have resorted to unconventional methods, one of which is – the raw food diet. They quickly begin to get used to this way of life and it has become a kind of cult.

Not all raw foodists easily tolerate shift from the usual food, cooked over a fire to raw products. Some people are afraid that they do not have enough willpower to overcome the feeling of hunger.

But the raw food diet is intended not for limit in food, on the contrary, you can eat as much as you want.

We all know the expression, that the coin has two sides, so let’s look at all the pros and cons of a raw food diet.

The human body needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates. All this is in fresh plant foods. But the vegetable protein is different from animal protein. Even soy can not be compared with beef liver in quality and protein content.

The low level of protein in the blood can affect multiple organs: liver, kidney, lung. Raise the level of hemoglobin and prevent anemia is possible only with the help of animal protein.

Raw food diet – it is rather not a diet, but a lifestyle. People who eat only raw plant foods have their own philosophy. They are convinced that they consume foods rich in solar energy that has accumulated in plants for the entire period of growth.

Agree, not everyone can to become a follower of this movement. Many refuse to raw food only because they are afraid of misunderstanding of relatives and friends.

If, however, despite all the difficulties, the man decides to become raw foodists to the end of his life, he has a very difficult morally. All the time it is necessary to restrain his instincts and desires. And there are so many temptations!

Raw food diet – it is a form of vegetarianism, where all products – vegetable, except unleavened bread baked from whole grains.

Raw food diet – a natural, healthy way of life, since the heat-treated products lose much of its mineral and nutritional properties.

Raw food diet – is one of the best ways to clean the body of toxins. It is not as strict and categorical, as fasting. Eating raw foods, you will save a lot of time due to the fact that you will not stand for hours in the kitchen near the stove.

Raw food diet strengthens the immune system of the body due to the fact that there are no toxins that are so rich “unhealthy” food. Thanks to the enzymes contained in the fresh fruit and vegetables, the body is saturated with all complex of vitamins that are not present in processed food.

The gradual transition to a raw food diet.

The duration of the transitional period depends on point you started. If you eat everything – then you need start the gradual transition, like to veganism. I will only briefly list the major milestones (each step takes from several weeks to several months – depending on your state of health):

Reduce the amount of meat (up to 2-3 times a day), without increasing the number of dairy products.
Completely abandon the milk and milk products.
Gradually reduce the amount of meat in the menu including a lot of fresh vegetables, and taking measures to cleanse the body.
Completely abstain from meat.
Abstain from eggs.
Reduce the consumption of fish and completely abstain from the tuna.

Completely abstain from the fish.
After the transition to veganism is easier to switch to a raw food diet. That\’s from what to begin:Gradually increase the share of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Primarily, abstain from the cooked sauces (add to salad any vegetable oil, cold pressed).
Read labels – “outside the law” all products, which contain harmful food additives (preservatives, flavors, dyes, thickeners, sweeteners, emulsifiers, etc.).

Throw in the trash all the sugary drinks (if you haven\’t done this before). Dietary – even more so.
Gradually reduce not only the amount of processed food, but also the duration of the thermal processing of food.
At the last step you should during the period of one month to abstain from the fruits and nuts (this is a necessary measure to renew the micro flora).

Raw food diet.

Raw food diet – a fairly popular power system. Even some Hollywood stars follow such diet. You can recall at least Demi Moore. This actress a quite a long time is follower of raw food diet. And that is the raw food diet in her opinion was the reason for her enduring beauty. Who are raw foodists? This whole philosophy is based on the consumption of exclusively raw food. And the cheese for a meal at the supporters of such ideas is not considered.

Raw foodists deny everything that had undergone processing – on fire, steamed or fermented. These people have advocated for all natural. Food should logically fit into the evolutionary place of man. Food should store all located in it initially useful elements. Raw foodists say that it is hard to imagine the primitive man, who would bake the carrots. He would eat only it raw!

Themselves followers of such nutrition system say that they got rid of many chronic illnesses, excess weight, and look younger. But in the public mind around such nutrition system, formed a lot of myths that is time to debunk. It should be noted that some of them are available, and among raw foodists.

Even among raw foodists is a split. Some of them prefer to take in food only plant products. For them is natural every day to eat vegetable salads with herbs. But there are those who consume meat, fish and eggs. They also eat seafood and milk. But this food should be either in raw or in dried form. Some of the most radical raw foodists are almost abandoned fruit and vegetables, replacing them with meat or fish dishes. And there are those who resort to the other extreme – the basis of their diet are fruits.